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What is bee-centric beekeeping?
  A large focus of Mackenzie's work lies in the rehabilitation and protection of feral honey bee hives. There are several methods to go about centering the honey bee and the integrity of their natural wild hives. Mackenzie teaches that being a bee-tender means doing what is best for the bees, to be bee-centric in our management practices.
Rewilding bees is centered on naturally occurring, wild, and unmanaged honeybee ecosystems.  Rewilding represents a shift towards the rehabilitation of their natural nesting habitat, ecosystems and the restoration of their fundamental birthrights.
Below are folks who heavily influenced this vision and continue to lead the way in restorative honeybee tending.

Bee folks leading the way .....


Beekeeping folks:


-Towards Saving the Honey bee; Gunther Hauk

-Biodynamic Beekeeping; Matthias Thun

-Song of Increase; Jacqueline Freeman

-Following the Wild Bees; Thomas Seeley

-Attracting Native Pollinators; The Xerces Society 

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