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Take part in creating a honey bee sanctuary!

Students will work together installing hives to the land, collecting swarms, planting pollinator gardens, and learn the ancient folk traditions of bee husbandry.

Learn to be stewards of both land and bee ~

Meetings will be held once a month focusing on a specific aspect of the hive



How to start a hive


Biology and lifecycle of bees


Natural and bee-centric practices


Hive styles


Reading comb


Handling bees


Pests and Disease


Gardening for pollinators


Working with the elements


Intuitive land connection


Understanding the wild bees


Class dates & pricing 2022


  • February 20 (in-person)
  • March 20 (virtual)
  • April 24 (in-person)
  • May 22 (virtual)
  • June 26 (in-person)
  • July 24 (virtual)
  • August 21 (in-person)
  • September 18 (virtual)
  • October 23 (in-person)


Course cost: $400


scholarships reserved for BIPOC. Payment plans available. - email for details


Women's Beekeeping Course

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