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About the Feral Queen Project

 The Feral Queen Sanctuary is an oasis for honey bees and native pollinators

What We Do

Currently in the United States there are no laws protecting the honey bee against harsh commercial treatment. Within the Feral Queen Project we are re-envisioning honey bee liberties as we move away from conventional bee farming techniques and provide bees with homes of their instinctual preferences through natural beekeeping.

The Feral Queen Sanctuary is made of 100 + acres within Middle Tennessee. The land has natural springs, waterfalls, valleys full of wildflowers, small gardens and rolling foot hills for Apis Mellifera and other native pollinators to nest.


Who We Are


is an Earth keeper, community advocate, doula, bee-tender, and a lifetime learner. She works to bring a relational approach to beekeeping in her teachings and helps demystify the practice for new beekeepers. Weaving her training, experiences, and observations into a refined heart-based knowledge allows Mackenzie to teach from her center, meaning with great intention and wisdom.   She believes we are at a crucial point where the relationship between humans and nature needs mending. Her workshops are rooted in empowering others to bravely care for the Earth through stewardship, inner-knowing and re-wilding practices.  

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